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10 kitchen must-haves

Check out these kitchen utensils that form the basis of a functional kitchen. If you don't already have them all, get them and things will start to heat up!

1. Frying pan

The type of cooker and the use define what kind of pan to choose. The safest bet is to go for a non-stick pan that distributes heat evenly and is suited to all cookers, including induction. Use plastic utensils to make non-stick cookware last longer. 

2. Knife

Invest in a good quality knife. Choose a blade made of stainless steel and a handle that is ergonomic and does not slip. 


3. Measuring spoons & measuring cups

It's better to measure than to be sorry. Choose a set of measuring spoons and cups that fulfil all of your measuring needs. Transparent measuring spoons and cups make measuring easier. 

4. Multifunctional turner

With a good quality turner you can turn, lift and mix food. The thin and flexible blade is easy to slip under food. A good choice is the Chef's turner, the blade is shorter than in traditional turners and excellent for cooking in smaller pans. 


5. Peeler

With a good peeler you can peel potatoes and other vegetables, apples and pears. It should feel nice and light in your hand and cut thin peel.

6. Garlic press

With a simple squeeze of a functional garlic press, you can slice, chop and mince garlic. Sliced garlic has the mildest flavour, minced tastes stronger and pressed garlic is the most intense. 


7. Grater

A multipurpose grater is an excellent utensil, whether you are making healthy meals or sweet delicacies. With it you can grate vegetables, soft cheeses, Parmesan, lemon zest or chocolate. Always choose a grater that offers multiple grating surfaces. 

8. Mandolin slicer

Cutting and slicing fruit and vegetables becomes so much faster and more secure with a mandolin slicer. You can choose how thick or thin you want the slices to be. Opt for a slicer with double edges that allows you to cut both back and forth.

9. Food storage

Store food in airtight boxes, because they keep odours, moisture and unwanted visitors like ants out. Food stays fresher longer and the flavours and odours don't mix. We recommend transparent airtight boxes for both the pantry and the fridge.

10. Spiral whisk

For whipping smooth sauces, mayonnaise, aioli and a dreamy whipped cream, the best help is a spiral whisk. Opt for nylon, because it is safe for all pots and pans and can stand up to 260° C heat.