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5 tips for keeping things in order

Haste, waste and clutter – say no and organize your everyday. Get started with these tips.

  1. Don't let things pile up on top of dressers and tables. Create a place for everything and don't leave things everywhere. You will also find things more easily, if they have their own storage box.
  2. Keep your most important things and the things you use most often at hand. Small baskets or boxes are excellent.
  3. Remember that less is more. The more clutter you see around you, the more stressed you feel.
  4. If you have unfinished chores like sewing buttons, finding pairs to single socks or sorting out papers, reserve some time for them. Don't try to do everything at once – start with something you know you have time to do right now. You are going to the right direction!
  5. Get rid of extra clutter. Surround yourself with things you need and appreciate.