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A pioneering range of bio plastic kitchen utensils by GastroMax™.

Renewable material with an up to 60 % reduced carbon footprint.

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Renewable material with an up to 60 % reduced carbon footprint.


The new and unique, 98 % bio-based composite material consists of:

  • 58-63 % bio-PE made of sugarcane ethanol (responsibly produced outside of high-biodiversity areas in Brazil)
  • 35-40 % wood fiber from locally grown spruce
  • 1-2 % property-enhancing additives


Combines the natural look & feel of wood with the functional benefits of plastic (e.g. dishwasher proof products).

Recyclable, utensils with stainless steel blades can be recycled in metal waste and cutting boards same as conventional plastic.

Nordic quality, utensils are made in Sweden and cutting boards in Finland.

What is bio plastic?


This GastroMax kitchen product range is made from bio-based plastic.


Bio-based plastics are plastics made completely or partly from organic, renewable material.

Biodegradable plastics are plastics that decompose into water, CO2 and biomass (these can also be fossile-based).

Bio plastics can mean either bio-based or biodegradable plastics.

The kitchen product range

The product range has 20 products: 3 different size cutting boards and 17 kitchen tools:

- Cheese slicer

- Butter knife

- 2 Peelers 

- Can opener & Bottle opener

- 2 different turners

- Potato masher

- Paddle grater

- Pizza cutter

- Skimmer

- Whisk

- Serving spoon & fork

- Spaghetti spoon 

- Soup ladle