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Going to your cottage?

For many of us, the cottage is the place where the soul rests. It is a place where all the worries of the world just disappear. With good storage solutions, you don't even have to think about how to store things from year to year. Go outdoors, barbeque your heart out and swim!

For food

Pack all dry food in airtight storage boxes that will keep odours, moisture, dust and bugs away. This way ants or mice won't be given a feast. Use only safe, food-grade and BPA free plastics. GastroMax food storage boxes offer airtight storage options for both dry storage and the fridge. 

For textiles and other goods

Light bedlinen that can be washed at 60 °C is a good choice for the cottage. Remember to get quality storage boxes for all textiles and other goods. If you use transparent boxes, you know where everything is right away. Plastic boxes with tight lids keep your things out of rodents' reach also during wintertime. Make sure you use boxes that endure high temperature changes.

For boats

Storing on boats can be a wet business. Don't lose your cool, keep dry and choose a box that can stand up to demanding conditions. SmartStore™ Dry, for example, meets the IP44 standard and protects the contents from water spray. 

For sheds

For tools and other things, you need to use durable boxes that can withstand sharp or heavy objects.  Heavy-duty boxes like SmartStore Pro endure impacts and high temperature changes from –40 ° to +120 °C. They are also easy to carry around.