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Less mess, less stress

Become the queen or king of your cupboard. When you organize your wardrobe, you will find things easier and have calmer mornings.

  1. Get storage boxes that fit your needs and style. The SmartStore range offers lots of options.
  2. Get all your clothes out and sort them into separate piles. You may even have clothes that have forgotten about!
  3. If you notice that something is broken, mend it. If you know you are not going to use something anymore, give it to charity or sell it at a flea market. There is no point in storing everything!
  4. Organize the clothes into different boxes. Transparent boxes allow you to see the contents. Otherwise you can use reusable tags.
  5. There may be things that you don't need right now, but may need at some point. Put them into their own marked box and take them to the storage room or put them at the back of the cupboard.
  6. Don't hoard! Sometimes things just pile up, but don't let them. Next time you are going shopping, ask yourself if you really need it. If the answer is yes, remember to keep everything organized.