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Play with organizing

Where are the Legos? Where is the bunny? What about the crayons? Make keeping order fun for children!

Playing is important for all children. It supports child's motoric development, language skills, creativity and social skills. Playing does not require piles of expensive and complex toys, but imagination and enthusiasm. However, fun can easily turn messy, if everything does not have its own place.

Teach your children to put toys back in the box after playing. Every night before bedtime everything should be cleared away.

Every toy category (dolls, cars, Legos...) needs to have its own storage box. Then the children don't have to open every box, but only the one they want. Use transparent boxes or create artistic nametags together with the children. If you use colourful boxes, you can even choose a different colour for different toys.  Store toy boxes on lower shelves, so it is easy for children to reach them.


If your children have more toys than they need or are too old for some toys, you can suggest for example donating them to charity for other children to enjoy. This way the child also learns empathy and sharing. Other option is to sell them at a flea market, which teaches the child the value of money.