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Avoid chaos in the garage

The garage is rarely empty of clutter. It is a good idea to organize it at least every other spring. Usually this requires time, nerves, durable storage boxes and some snacks and cold drinks.

First make sure you have enough time for proper organizing. Go through all of the boxes and loose things one corner at a time. Beginning is the hardest part.

Organize in durable boxes

Organize things into transparent boxes or use a marking system. Place tools and other heavy or sharp objects in durable boxes like the SmartStore Pro. These heavy-duty boxes endure impacts and large temperature changes. The boxes stack steadily on top of each other and are also easy to carry.

SmartStore Dry is also a good choice for the storage room. These boxes are up to challenging conditions. They keep humidity, dust, stale smells and bugs out. The boxes meet the European IP44 quality standard, which protects the contents from small solid objects entering and water splashes.

Assess and sort

If you end up having lots of stuff you don't need, have a yard sale or donate things to charity. Remember, if things are broken irreparably or in a poor shape, they are rubbish. 

Half-empty oil and paint cans build up easily. They are hazardous waste, which you should take to appropriate collecting points or to a recycling centre. Totally empty cans belong in mixed waste.  

Have a break

If you feel like you need a break, have one. Enjoy some snack food and a refreshing drink. It may give you that special boost you need to find the right place for everything.