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Summer is served!

The cottage season smells of green grass, fresh air and barbequed food. A meal has never tasted so good as under a bright blue sky with a little breeze coming from the west. Set the table and invite everyone to eat.

Barbeque it

Easy eating in the summer time includes grilled vegetables, fish, chicken or stakes. They go really well together with the new potatoes, butter and dill. It is also impossible to imaging summer without fresh salads like feta salad or a fresh fruit salad.

Those hot summer days just scream for ice cream as dessert, but if you want to go even further, make crêpes with berries. It is a children's favourite, and for many of us adults, they are reminders of childhood and grandparents.

Why not use the sauna?

If you have a sauna that heats with wood, you can also cook on the stove's stones or inside the firebox. The warmest place on the stove is near the chimney. The easiest way is to put sausages on a stick or inside aluminium foil. Enjoy with classic mustard and ketchup!

If you want to cook in the firebox, use it after heating when there are just embers left. It is well-suited to poaching or for example casseroles. Use cast iron pots and pans and high-quality barbecue tongs. Don't overfill the dish, because the temperature may rise really high and there is a risk that the meal will boil over. And the most important thing, don’t burn yourself!


Ready to set


Set the table with durable plastic serving dishes that are practical and lightweight. They don't get broken if they fall, and are easy to clean and carry. In Orthex serving range you have lots of colour options and sizes to choose from. What about this season's hottest new colours?


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