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Bio-based plastics

Bio-based plastics are plastic materials made in whole or partially from renewable resources. Biomass used can stem from e.g. corn, sugarcane or cellulose.

Bio-based plastics reduce our dependency on limited fossil resources and have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than fossil-fuel plastics.

The material of GastroMax BIO food storage boxes and tableware items is derived from sugarcane. These products have more than 80 % reduced carbon footprint compared to similar items in conventional plastic.

For GastroMax BIO cutting boards we use a mix of sugarcane and wood fiber from Nordic spruce. The products have an up to 60 % reduced carbon footprint compared to similar items in conventional plastic.

GastroMax BIO nylon utensils are made from a composite material that contains bio-based plastic made from castor bean oil. Glass fibers and polyamide are added to ensure long-term durability and high heat-resistance. Carbon footprint of the utensils is less than half compared to similar products made from conventional plastic.


Certification of bio-based content in products

OK biobased by TÜV Austria is a certification scheme that provides independent proof of the bio-based origin of products. Certification is based on laboratory testing total and bio-based carbon content in products according to standards EN 16640 and on request also according to ASTM 6866.

OK biobased uses a star system to indicate bio-based content of a product. Every certified product is rated on a scale of one to four stars.

The highest grade, four stars, certifies that the product consists of more than 80 % biobased material. This has been awarded to GastroMax™ Bio tableware made from sugarcane, GastroMax™ BIO food storage made from sugarcane, and GastroMax™ BIO cutting boards made from a mix of sugarcane and wood fiber.

GastroMax™ BIO nylon utensils have been awarded with three stars, the second highest grade certifying that the product consists of 60 to 80 % biobased material.

Certified GastroMax™ BIO products carry the OK biobased symbol in their packaging.