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SmartStore™ Recycled 70

A new range of storage boxes made from recycled plastic. A durable box especially suited for the storage room, basement or garage. The SmartStore™ Recycled 70 is perfect for storing charcoal bags, potting soil, flower pots, bigger outdoor clothing and gear, as well as bulkier sports and hobby equipment. The box has four wheels, so it is easy to move around even when full of stuff. The boxes nest without lids and stack with lids on. The sturdy clips keep the lid firmly in place.

Outer measurements : 72 x 40 x 38 cm (DxWxH)
Inner measurements : 59,1 x 39 x 33,2 cm (DxWxH) ?
Volume : 70 L
EAN : 7332462085336
Article Number : 3530708

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