Orthex strives to continuously minimise its impact on the environment and climate. The products we manufacture are of the highest quality and are meant to last for years or even decades. Even after a product has worn out, it can be recycled, and the material reused for some other purpose.

All our factories are ISO 14001 and 9001-certified for environmental and quality management. 

Our focus areas within responsible production and consumption are reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, increasing the share of renewable and recycled raw materials in our production, and promoting the recycling of plastics. Relying on these and other measures, we are aiming towards carbon neutrality in our production by 2030.

We have calculated the carbon footprint of our operations and value chain, and most of our greenhouse gas emissions originate from purchased goods and services, such as raw material extraction. Increasing the share of renewable and recycled raw materials in our production will have the biggest impact on reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. We have simulated our road map towards carbon neutrality, taking into account Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

Orthex’s own operations are resource efficient and have minimal impact on the environment, including local biodiversity. In resource efficiency our focus areas are improving energy efficiency and decreasing production waste.