Recycled raw materials

We want to create value out of what has been discarded, which is why we have used recycled plastic in production since the 1990s. 

Orthex was among the first consumer goods companies in the world to start using plastic packaging recycled by consumers as raw material for new products in 2017, as soon as technology allowed it. Today, this plastic comes from EuCertPlast-certified suppliers in Europe. The EuCertPlast certification (European Certification of Plastics Recycling) focuses on the traceability of plastic materials and the quality of recycled content in the end-product.

Our plant care category has been a forerunner in terms of using recycled material. Today, we make all our flowerpots and balcony boxes from recycled plastic.

See the video of an ice cream container’s journey into a flowerpot.

We also use recycled plastic from industrial sources. This material originates from reliable EuCertPlast certified suppliers as well. The plastic in our products can be recycled approximately 10 times. In practice, however, recycled plastic is always a mix of plastics of different ages (some recycled more, some fewer times). This means that while a certain part of the plastic mass can be recycled ten times, the product itself can be recycled almost indefinitely.

Due to requirements for food-approved products, we are not able to use recycled plastic in our tableware and kitchen utensils products. The chemical recycling of plastic – the dissolving of plastic into molecules which can then be utilised to make new products – could change this. We are closely following the development of this methodology, as it would support our carbon neutrality journey.

You can find all our products made from recycled plastic on our website.

Plastic made from fishing nets

We also use plastic raw material made from old fishing nets to produce household buckets and other household products. Fishing nets are a major source of plastic ocean waste. Reusing them as raw material prevents ocean pollution and considerably reduces the carbon footprint of the new products, compared to virgin plastic material. 

Orthex Bucket 10 L from old fishing nets is made from old fishing nets and handle from post-consumer recycled plastic. The Orthex wash bowl, scoop and SmartStore™ Ocean range are made of old fishing nets (70 %) and regular polypropylene (30 %).