Mass balance approach

Orthex wants to give consumers the opportunity to choose more environmentally friendly products and has started using renewable raw materials produced by applying a so-called mass balance approach. Mass balance means that renewable materials are mixed with fossil materials in the raw material production process. This reduces the amount of fossil-based plastic in the world.

The mass balance approach is a calculation-based principle. By keeping track of the quantities throughout the entire production chain, the renewable raw material can be allocated to specific products. Orthex is ISCC PLUS certified, which means that the mass balance accounting follows predefined and transparent rules, and each of our mass balance products carries the ISCC logo.

We have started using mass balance raw material with our popular SmartStore™ Compact and SmartStore™ Compact Clear ranges. Each product will have at least 20 % of renewable content allocated to it, according to the mass balance approach. The CO2 footprint of the raw material used in the products will decrease by 37 % compared to conventional fossil-based plastic*.

The renewable content comes from production side streams, so it does not compete with food or land use. The renewable content consists mainly of kitchen waste (used cooking oil). 

* Based on CO2 calculation from our raw material supplier. The calculation has been verified by a third party.  

More information on the mass balance approach on the ISCC website

ISCC PLUS Sustainability Declarations

FSC Declarations