Sustainable raw materials

Orthex’s business is based on responsibly produced, durable, reusable, and recyclable plastic products, which play an important role in a sustainable circular economy. Emission calculations show that our products made with renewable or recycled raw materials have significantly smaller carbonfootprints compared to those made exclusively from conventional plastic.

Our target is to increase the share of renewable and recycled raw materials to 80% by 2030. 

We have used recycled raw materials in production since the 1990s. Orthex uses both plastic packaging recycled by consumers and recycled plastic from industrial sources as raw material. 

Renewable bio-based plastics are plastic materials made in whole or partially from renewable resources. Bio-based plastics reduce our dependency on limited fossil resources and have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than fossil-fuel plastics.

We have started using raw materials produced by applying the mass balance approach in our products. Mass balance approach means that renewable materials are mixed with fossil materials in the raw material production process. This reduces the amount of fossil-based plastic in the world.