Ethical business practices

Orthex operates internationally, and we strive to comply with all laws and regulations applicable to our operations. However, our way to conduct business goes beyond that: high ethical standards and integrity are present in everything we do. Everyone at Orthex has a role in ensuring that the company operates in an ethical and responsible manner, regardless of the situation. We train and educate our employees to ensure that everyone understands what ethical behaviour is and how to demonstrate it.

We have Orthex Code of Conduct which applies to all our employees, Management Team, and Board of Directors. The Code of Conduct defines the key principles for how we engage in business, treat each other, and safeguard Orthex’s assets. It is a tool that helps recognise ethical dilemmas and presents ways to solve them. Our employees are encouraged to report any breaches of the Code of Conduct to their supervisors or through Orthex’s internal whistleblowing channel.

Orthex external stakeholders such as shareholders, customers, suppliers and other partners can report their concerns following the instructions available here.