Renewable materials

Plastics made from renewable raw materials, also often called bio-based, reduce our dependency on limited fossil resources and have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than fossil-based plastics. Orthex launched its first products made from renewable raw materials already in 2016, and we calculated the carbon footprints of all our bio-based product lines in 2020.

The material of GastroMax BIO food storage boxes and tableware items is derived from sugarcane. These products have more than 80% reduced carbon footprint compared to similar items in conventional plastic.

For GastroMax BIO cutting boards we use a mix of sugarcane and wood fiber from Nordic spruce. The products have an up to 60% reduced carbon footprint compared to similar items in conventional plastic.

GastroMax BIO nylon utensils are made from a composite material that contains bio-based plastic made from castor bean oil. Glass fibers and polyamide are added to ensure long-term durability and high heat-resistance. Carbon footprint of the utensils is less than half compared to similar products made from conventional plastic.