Bake autumn in

When the days get shorter and darkness and cold come creeping in, it becomes more tempting to spend time in the kitchen. Warm buns and yummy pies are part of the autumn, and maybe a beautiful day will entice even a picnic in the autumn sun?


Measuring and mixing ingredients in the right way is the basis for creating delicious breads, cakes, and pies. GastroMax™ mixing bowls are made of transparent material and have clear measurement markings to make it easier for you in the kitchen.
In addition, the two bowls belong to the same series as our household measuring tools and can be stacked within each other for compact storage. The bowls and measuring cups in the range are made in our factory in Sweden.

The next step is to bake your creation in the oven. Will it be a classic sponge cake, little rolls, or lovely muffins? Maybe you hit big and make a whole frying pan of goodies for family, friends, or colleagues?

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No matter what you bake, we have a form in our range that suits the purpose. Of course, you also need different tools of high quality to complete your masterpiece. First, ladles, whisks and knives are needed to prepare and mix the various ingredients. Then maybe a spatula to scrape out the bowl, a thermometer to keep the right temperature and finally a strainer to put the top in on what you baked!

We have a large selection of kitchen utensils that will make it easier for you, and among them are several made from biomaterials. These utensils are made of wood fibre, sugar cane and castor oil, and have a lower carbon footprint than utensils made of traditional plastic.

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