Christmas baking

It’s the season for baking and we are here for it! Gather your loved ones and ask everyone to bring their favourite recipe, so that you can spend the day together baking a whole range of delicious treats.


Gingerbread cookies are an essential part of many people's Christmas celebration. No matter if you're looking for traditional shapes such as hearts and stars, or trying something new you'll find something in our wide assortment of cookie cutters.

Building a gingerbread house doesn't have to be complicated. With our 3D-cutter you only need to make two cuts from rolled out dough to get all the parts for a complete gingerbread house. Create a nice surrounding for your house with Christmas trees, marshmallows and powdered sugar.

Let all your guests make their own little house and turn it into a competition where everyone gets to vote for their favourite, and the winner gets a nice price.

With the help of scissors, paper and a strain you can create stencils to make patterns or letters to decorate your baked goods. A fun activity for both young and old! 

The strainers from GastroMax are available in three sizes, all made in our factory in Sweden.

Make adorable Christmas-themed cupcakes for the family to enjoy! Candy canes are easy to turn into decorative hearts to be placed on your delicious creations.

GastroMax™ BIO woodfibre range are kitchen utensils with handles made from wood fibre and sugarcane. This gives the handle a reduced carbon footprint compared to conventional plastic.

Don't forget about the essentials amongst all the fun and games. The first step of any delicious creation is measuring and mixing the ingredients, so make sure you have great bowls at hand. GastroMax™ mixing bowls are perfect for baking -  clear markings and a sturdy handle plus an easy-to-pour spout that does not dribble. The products are made with 20 % bio-based plastic. The bio-based content is allocated using the ISCC mass balance approach.