Clear the winter chaos

Spring has arrived and it is time to put winter clothes back in the cupboard. You will thank yourself next winter if you take a few moments to do it properly.


1. Check that the clothes are in a good condition with no missing buttons or jammed zippers. Mend the broken little things before storing. If you know you are not going to use something anymore, take it to be recycled or to a flea market. 

2. Jackets, sweaters, mittens, beanies, scarves etc. usually get quite dirty and stuffy during winter, so remember to wash them and always let them dry properly. If the clothes are already clean, brush and ventilate them in fresh air. 

3. Clean winter boots of dust and dirt carefully. Protect the material if needed with a shoe polish or spray. Don't put too many shoes in the same box.

4. Store clean winter clothes in storage boxes to keep them in order and dust-free. Quality boxes will last a long time and keep moths out. To save space you can also use vacuum bags. However, remember not to put leather and suede clothes into plastic bags, because they need to breathe. 

5. Take the boxes to the storage room or put them at the back of the cupboard and relax.