Earn a thankful chirp

Winter-feeding helps many birds to survive from winter to spring, so do a good deed and enjoy watching birds come together for a winter feast.



Feeding should be started when the soil freezes or the snow comes. When you start the feeding, you should continue it until the spring comes and the soil is bare and has thawed. 


The feeding place should be a little way away from buildings because the birds get scared easily and can fly towards the reflections they see on windows. Trees and bushes give a nice shelter from cold wind and other animals.

It is always a good idea to create several feeding places that are scattered around so that the birds don't have to compete with each other.


The most popular bird foods are sunflower seeds, peanuts, oats, and tallow.


Orthex bird feeders are made from UV- and frost-resistant material that withstands low temperatures down to –40°C. Birds cannot enter the food dispensers, which prevents the spread of diseases among wild birds. The bird feeders are developed together with Swedish ornithologists.

The food dispenser should be cleaned outdoors because they may contain bird excrements. Use gloves and wash your hands carefully afterwards.