Everything finds its place in the home office

Start focusing better and stop searching for pens and papers.


A working day becomes an effective one when everything has its place. Whether you work from home every day or just now and then, it’s a lot easier when the home office is in order. Avoid having paper piles and small items all over the place – instead, choose practical and stylish storage solutions.

In our large selection of sizes within SmartStore™ Classic, there are a variety of storage boxes that fit in the office. Box inserts make it easy to organize small items, and with labels you quickly mark out what each box contains.

SmartStore™ Compact and Compact Clear come in six different sizes and are so stylish that they may well stand in front. The largest size allows you to store folders and documents, and the smallest is perfect for paper clips, pens, and other small items.

SmartStore™ Basket Recycled is another option for stylish storage and comes in several different sizes. In addition, they are made of recycled plastic, a good choice for the future.