Get to know our award winning product portfolio

Collaborations with highly esteemed Nordic designers have resulted in prestigious recognitions from various jurys on product design and functionality.


The unique combination of serving as a sorting station and a decorative piece of furniture has earned SmartStore™ Collect no less than 3 awards during the launch year 2020. The concept won the internationally recognized Red Dot Product Design Award shortly after being launched, with words from the jury:

For more than 60 years, the Red Dot Award has been providing a platform for designers and companies to assess good design. The experience and expertise of our jury in the evaluation process is unparalleled. True to the motto “In search of good design and innovation”, they have tested individually each of the more than 6,500 products entered and have reached a joint decision on which products will receive a distinction. The fact that you have won an award bears testimony to the good design quality of your product.

The Collect range also won the German Design Award and the Iconic Interior Award 2020. The jury awarded the concept with the motivation as follows:

With their simple, slim shape, the rubbish bins fit into many lower cabinet systems while also matching harmoniously with elegant interiors. They are also sustainable since they are made from recycled plastic.


In 2022, SmartStore™ Collect Slim 46 L was launched. The new addition is designed especially for narrow spaces such as entrances and hallways.

SmartStore™ Collect Slim 46 L was rewarded with the German Design Award 2023.

In recent years the GastroMax™ BIO assortment has grown quickly and now offers a wide range of kitchen utensils, cutting boards and food storage boxes.

The utensils range with handles made from wood fiber composite was awarded the German Design Award 2020 with the following statement from the jury:

The range of kitchen aids follows a clear, functional design. The handle imitates the look of wood but is made of bio-based plastic, making the tools dishwasher-safe and at the same time delivering on sustainability promises.

SmartStore Basket is a tribute to Nordic design – with these in the home it's easy to store with style! The range was awarded the German Design Award in 2018 with the following statement from the jury:

These simple baskets, available in three sizes, provide plenty of storage space and help keep things tidy. Holes provide ample air flow, and the sustainably sourced bamboo lid protects the interior against dust and dirt and makes for easy stacking.

The SmartStore Compact range was recognized for Excellent product design and hence received a Special Mention at the German Design Awards 2018. The modern, space-saving, and modular storage concept received the following statement from the jury:

These storage boxes feature a clear and modern look. The protruding edge of the handles is particularly well done. A simple, but highly striking detail.

The beloved Eden range in our plant care category received the Red Dot Design award 2012 for its product design. The aesthetically appealing, yet functional pots got this statement from the jury: 

In these plant pots, both purist and elegant language of form is combined with a high degree of functionality.

GastroMax™ Mixing Bowls are made from transparent material with clear markings to make it easy to measure and mix the ingredients when baking or cooking. The series was awarded with the German Design Award 2021 with the following statement from the jury:

The mixing bowls are functionally well thought-out and look luxurious and modern in terms of both their form and the material used.

GastroMax™ Foldable Grater was recognized for Excellent product design and hence received a Special Mention at the German Design Awards 2022. The modern, space-saving grater opens for grating, and folds flat for space-saving storage. The grater snaps apart, and each side can then be used separately to grate flat over a bowl.