Grow your own

Growing our own vegetables remains popular, and no wonder why: It’s fun, rewarding and you know what you get.


The list of the benefits of growing our own vegetables is long: it’s pleasing to see the plants grow and to get fresh vegetables that taste better. And not only are we getting fresh and organic produce; we are also saving money and the environment.

When you are the one planting and harvesting, you know exactly where your food came from and what went into it. It is comforting to know that it’s fresh and there are no harmful chemicals or pesticides.

We at Orthex believe that everyone can be a gardener and grow their own herbs and vegetables! All that is required is a bit of effort and practical products that enable plants to thrive.

Whether you want to grow tomatoes, chilis, potatoes, strawberries or fresh lettuce, we have the right products for you. Make your home garden flourish!

Find the right products for you

Orthex Paulina pot

Orthex Paulina pot is a stylish pot that fits perfectly on your balcony or terrace. Let your colourful chilis bloom in these nice-looking self-watering pots or see how the rhubarbs will thrive in a pot!

Self-watering function in these pots is easy: Clear dipstick shows when it is time to refill water - no risk of overwatering.

Orthex Botanica pots are spacious pots with a natural-looking surface. Botanica pots blend perfectly into your home, terrace or garden and they are perfect for herbs, potatoes, or cucumbers.

This range offers the many benefits of plastic: easy to move, long-time moisture retention and the ability to be used outdoors even in the winter.

Orthex Botanica pots
Orthex Cultivate pots

Your plants need water, light and nourishment to grow and flourish. As the plants grow, they need more room for their roots, and re-potting helps them to thrive and grow big.

Orthex Cultivate pot series includes eight different pot sizes, that ensure your plants have optimal growing conditions.

Even a small balcony space can instantly turn into a green oasis when you decorate it with stylish looking plants. Our beautiful Botanica balcony boxes are an excellent choice for a balcony or terrace, and they are perfect for growing delicious strawberries.

Or why not try planting a crunchy salad, which on summer mornings you can easily pick from the balcony directly onto your breakfast bread?

Orthex Botanica Window Box

All products are made from durable recycled plastic in the Nordics