It's picnic time

Everybody loves eating outside, and when the weather is warm and the grass is green, eating outside is a real pleasure. Organize a picnic in the park, near the river or in your own garden.


Bring both savoury and sweet snacks to the picnic. Get everything ready in portion sizes and nicely packed. Good picnic delicacies are small pizzas or baguettes, fresh salads, sliced vegetables and fruits and dream-like cupcakes or biscuits for dessert. Don't forget to bring the drinks: water, juice, or coffee. 

A cooler is a must-have for picnics. Remember to freeze all cold drinks and other cool food before the picnic. This way they will keep cooler longer, and so will the cooler. A thermos can also be used for cold drinks like iced tea or iced coffee. 

If you want to have warm foods and warm coffee at the picnic, a cooler is also a good choice. It does not just keep cool things cool, but also keeps warm things warm. You can fill the cooler bottles with hot water instead of ice. 

And then for the best part, get the family or friends together and enjoy the day!

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