Make use of what nature gives you

There is a lot that is worth collecting and utilizing instead of letting it go to waste. With a fair-sized bin, it will be easy to collect everything from fruit to rainwater.


Hot, dry summers cause groundwater levels to fall and irrigation bans are becoming more common. To save resources while keeping your plants and flowers happy, you can water them with rainwater. Place a bin of recycled plastic under the downpipe and get free, low-calcium water for the flower beds. At the same time, you avoid too much water accumulating around the corners of the house.

Do you have fruit trees in the garden? Then make sure to utilize as much of the fruit as possible, and use for pies, jams, and other goodies. Use a bin of food-approved material for what you plan to eat. Fall fruit that has gone bad is also good to collect, as it attracts snails, rats, and other things that you do not want in your garden. Take the fruit to a waste recycling centre so that it can be converted into biogas or lay it out in nature for forest animals. With a lid, it will be easy to transport the bin without spilling.