Make your Christmas gifts more personal

Sure, it's nice with store-wrapped Christmas gifts, but isn't it more fun to put your own personal touch on presents for loved ones? With a few simple tricks, your gifts can become the most beautiful ones under the Christmas tree.


1. Measure carefully

If you're precise when measuring how much paper is needed, your packages won't be wrinkled, and you'll save the Earth's resources. Leftover scraps can be used for smaller gifts.

2. Use several different papers

Buy more rolls and mix the designs instead of using the same wrapping paper for all presents. You can even mix papers on the same gift, use a plain paper as a background, and add a border with something more colorful.

3. Use what you have

Who said packages can only be wrapped in gift wrap? Use old newspapers, aluminium foil, and other things you have at home to create variety under the tree.

4. Creative decorations

Strings, pieces of yarn, ribbons... You can probably find something at home that you can make a bow out of. You can then attach anything from fir branches to keychains to it.

5. Alternative packaging
Surprise the recipient! Wrap something small in a large box, turn something soft into a hard gift, or let the box itself become a gift that you fill with something exciting.

Boxes and inserts from SmartStore™ will help keep your craft essentials organized, and might even double as a gift box!