SmartStore™ Bedrollers for underbed storage

Organise your bedroom! Create storage possibilities under the bed to free up space in the closet and wardrobes.

SmartStore bedrollers

Unwinding after a long day is easier in a well-organised bedroom where each item has its own designated space.

Are you struggling with not having enough storage space in your bedroom? The often unused space under your bed provides an excellent solution for storing a variety of items, ranging from extra blankets to seasonal decorations, and from kids' toys to sports equipment.

SmartStore™ Bedroller 60 L helps maximizing the storage space in your bedroom. SmartStore™ underbed storage boxes have four wheels so they are easy to roll under the bed and back.

The lid is foldable so you can pull the box only half way out which makes it suitable also for small spaces. The see-through lid provides perfect visibility of the contents and makes it easy to find what you are looking for. Strong clips keep the lid firmly in place.

SmartStore bedrollers
SmartStore bedrollers

A bed roller is a perfect also for kids' room, providing a convenient way to store toys. After a day of joyful play, it's simple to gather the toys into an under-bed storage box, neatly stowing them away until the next playtime.

The light colour makes the bedroller fit in all kinds of interiors. The durable box and the clips are made of recycled plastic in our factory in Finland.

Keep your bedroom clutter-free and complete the space with other storage solutions from SmartStore™. Our Compact storage range is ideal for storing small items, such as jewellery, on a nightstand or in the drawers.

SmartStore™ storage baskets and storage boxes offer a variety of options. Choose the ones most suited for your individual storage needs.

Enjoy a seamlessly organised bedroom – a neat space is a restful space!

SmartStore storage boxes
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