Warm to organizing

Do hats, gloves and mittens always get lost in your family? Can't find a matching pair anywhere? Don't lose your cool – stay warm and organized.


Somehow almost all gloves and mittens seem to lose their pair during winter. So, then you go and buy a new pair or two. No matter how many gloves you buy, this happens every year. Does this sound familiar? If you don't want your winter wear to end up in the same place as all the lost single socks, check out these storage tips to make your hallway more organized.

Get hats, gloves, and scarves their own boxes. Use transparent options like SmartStore Classic or SmartStore Home so the content is visible at a glance.

High quality boxes last long. When you get boxes with a lid, you can also store the items in the same boxes during other seasons.

Is design your thing? Take organizing to the next level with the SmartStore Basket. A white or anthracite basket and a bamboo lid create a stylish combination. Now you can also get a light plastic lid for baskets!

You can note the contents with reusable tags, so you know straight away what is inside.

If you want to make keeping tidy more fun for children, use colourful boxes. Choose different colours for different items. Check out the SmartStore Colour range that offers transparent boxes in trendy colours.

Remember also to place a small box for reflectors in the hallway to make sure your family can always be seen in the dark.