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SmartStore™ Collect Biowaste
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SmartStore™ Collect Biowaste

The new SmartStore™ Collect Biowaste container makes separation of food waste easy. The modern and timeless 5 L container is designed to be left visible on the kitchen countertop. The practical, slim format enables scraping leftovers directly from plates and cutting boards into the container. The container has a handle for easy lifting and carrying, and a retainer ring for neatly hiding the bin liner. The lid folds all the way back, and can be opened with the back of the hand. The lid is also removable, which is handy when emptying the container, or washing the parts. Made in Finland, of durable recycled plastic.
  • All SmartStore products that carry a label saying "10 Year Guarantee" are guaranteed to stay functional for a period of 10 years, fulfilling their original purpose. The guarantee does not in any way impact the legal rights of consumers. The guarantee does not cover products which are defective, or have been damaged, as a result of wear or tear from normal use, when the products have been misused or subjected to carelessness or abnormal usage conditions.
  • Made in Finland
  • Describes the type of plastic. This symbol means that the plastic can be recycled or combusted. High shock, impact and wear resistance.
  • Made from recycled material
Data sheet
Measure system
Outer measurements
29 x 17 x 17 cm
Inner Measurements
25.7 x 14 x 15.8 cm
5 L
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