Materiality assessment

Orthex’s sustainability work and sustainability strategy are based on a stakeholder materiality assessment to ensure that the company’s sustainability priorities focus on the most relevant sustainability topics.

In 2022, Orthex conducted a sustainability materiality assessment of the company’s sustainability topics to align Orthex’s sustainability work with our key stakeholders’ (customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, and consumers) expectations. More than 500 replies to the materiality questionnaire were received, and the assessment results were supplemented by interviews with selected customers, investors, and suppliers.

The materiality questionnaire and the interviews were built around our previously defined sustainability priorities. We requested open feedback on our sustainability work to find out if something relevant was missing from our sustainability agenda. The result of the assessment confirmed that we are focusing on the relevant sustainability topics (all topics rated above 4 on scale 1–5), but gave us cause to raise a new topic – biodiversity – on our sustainability agenda.

In the materiality matrix, the topics are presented based on their importance to our stakeholders and on the impacts on Orthex business