Sustainability governance

At Orthex, sustainability work is led by the Board of Directors, the CEO, and the Management Team. A three-year sustainability strategy is reviewed and confirmed annually. 

The Board of Directors approves the company’s sustainability strategy and annually set sustainability targets and monitors performance against the targets. The Management Team reviews the company’s most important sustainability indicators monthly, and all indicators once a year. Progress in sustainability is part of the CEO’s and the Management Team’s incentive plans. 

The everyday sustainability work at Orthex is integrated into all our operations and functions. Orthex’s sustainability strategy is implemented by a dedicated team which monitors the progress of the set sustainability targets. The team is led by the Chief Marketing and Sustainability Officer (CMSO) and Chief Supply Officer (CSO) who report directly to the CEO and are members  of the Management Team. The team comprises ESG Advisor and representatives of quality functions and, through the CMSO and CSO, covers production, procurement, marketing, sustainability, product development, and commercial functions. 

The ESG Advisor is responsible for the development of the company’s sustainability strategy and for coordinating and implementing sustainability initiatives in line with the sustainability strategy.

In 2023, Orthex established an ESG working group to prepare for the entry into force of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which applies to the company from the beginning of 2025.