SmartStore Collect™ – sort and store

Does waste sorting feel like a challenge? You'd probably sort more if it were easier, right? Fortunately, we have a smart, practical and stylish solution that the whole family can use.


SmartStore™ Collect is a modern storage solution that makes sorting and recycling waste easy. Thanks to its stylish, Scandinavian design, the products in the range fit seamlessly into home decor and can be confidently left on display. Choose from a versatile range of recycling solutions that work best for you. The products are made from recycled plastic in the Nordics and come with a 10-year guarantee.

SmartStore™ Collect Biowaste, designed for sorting organic waste, is the latest addition to the SmartStore™ Collect range. The stylish 5L container can be left in plain sight in the kitchen because the rubbish bag can be conveniently hidden inside the container. Available in white, green, and black.

Collect 76 L box is a spacious storage solution that can accommodate three separate 13 L sorting bins. It's an ideal choice for the most common household packaging waste such as plastic, cardboard, glass, and metal. The box also doubles as an extra stool thanks to its sturdy wooden lid.

SmartStore™ Collect 53 L  is excellent for sorting laundry, bottles, cans, and cardboard. Its sleek design enables placement in various areas such as the kitchen, hallway, or entrance, while its compact size ensures suitability even in tight spaces.

SmartStore™ Collect 46 L Slim is tailor-made for tight spaces like entrances and hallways. Additionally, it comes with optional 13 L inserts, making waste sorting a breeze.