SmartStore™ Collect Biowaste

The new SmartStore™ Collect Biowaste makes separation of food waste easy. The modern and timeless 5 L container is designed to be left visible on the kitchen countertop.


Starting January 1, 2024, the EU requires those who have food waste to separate it and store it separately from other waste. The purpose of this is to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainability. Analyses of household waste have shown that one-third of the content consists of food or kitchen waste. By separating food or kitchen waste from other waste and treating it through processes such as digestion or composting, essential nutrients can be returned to the soil, and biogas can be captured and used as fuel. This reduces our dependence on, among other things, synthetic fertilizers and enables resources to circulate.

Designed and manufactured in the Nordics

We believe it should be easy to do the right thing. That's why we created SmartStore™ Collect Biowaste, to make it easier to sort and store your  food waste. Just like the rest of the Collect-family this new addition is characterized by sleek, Nordic design, allowing it to seamlessly blend into the modern home and be displayed on the kitchen counter. Thanks to its compact design, the product fits well even in smaller kitchens.

The product is designed and manufactured in Finland, from sustainable, recycled plastic. To make it easy to find the perfect fit for your home SmartStore™ Collect Biowaste is available in three different colours, classic white, stylish black and trendy green. 

Multiple practical functions

  • A sturdy handle makes it easy to lift and move the container, and a ring along the edge keeps the garbage bag in place while also hiding it.

  • The lid of the container can be folded all the way back and is removable, to make it easy to empty and clean the different parts.

  • The wide format allows scraping leftovers directly from plates, or peels from the cutting board, into the bin.

For its stylish and practical design, SmartStore™ Collect Biowaste was awarded with the German Design Award 2024.