The new life of recycled plastic as durable household products

Read more below and see the video of how we use recycled plastic as raw material in the production and what kind of products are made from it!


Orthex has been using a material made from industrial plastic waste in the production of buckets, bins, and boxes since the 1990’s

In 2015, we also started to utilize post-consumer plastic waste in the production.

The plant care category has been a forerunner in terms of using recycled material. In the past few years around half of the flowerpots and balcony boxes were made from recycled plastic and today the number is 100%. 

In 2017, the use of post-consumer plastic waste was significantly increased still and in addition to flowerpots, for example laundry baskets, buckets and bins are made from this material.

In 2019, SmartStore™ Recycled was launched, a series of durable storage boxes made from recycled plastic. Within the storage category, there are also our stylish SmartStore™ Basket Recycled and the sorting solution SmartStore™ Collect, both of which are made from recycled plastic.

Our goal is to continuously increase the use of renewable and recycled raw materials in the production and to have carbon neutral production by 2030.

You can see all our products made from recycled plastic here including products made from old fishing nets.

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