GastroMax™ Bio

An innovative range of kitchen utensils made from bio-based plastic from castor bean oil.


Smaller carbon footprint

Reduced carbon footprint compared to conventional plastic.

Bio-based material

Majority of fossil-fuel plastic replaced with material made from castor bean oil.

Safe for cookware

Does not scratch your non-stick coated pots and pans.

Convenient to use

Tolerates temperatures up to 210 C°, safe to clean in dishwasher.

Made in Sweden

Safe and tested Nordic quality.

Reduced carbon footprint with plastic from plants

The utensils are made from an innovative composite material that replaces most of the conventional plastic with bioplastic made from castor bean oil. Glass fibers and polyamide are added to ensure long-term durability and a high heat-resistance.

Carbon dioxide generated during manufacturing is to a large extent compensated by the carbon dioxide absorbed during plant growth. The resulting carbon footprint is less than similar products made from conventional plastic. For more information on carbon footprint calculations, see here.